• Toniko Manning Brown and Her Business Skills

  • Posted on February 21, 2018
  • Since Little Beautiful Minds Primary Academy was established in 2002, its founder, Toniko Manning Brown’s leadership has grown her baby into one of the premier childcare facilities in the New Orleans area. Even her approach to marketing has been different than most. She decided against a traditional PR and advertising blitz and plenty of huge discounts, all of which cost a lot of money, and instead decided to let the quality of the facility speak for itself and to let the parents whose children attended Little Beautiful Minds speak for the great value.

    By simply providing a quality product and let parents’ word-of-mouth do the rest, Toniko Manning Brown’s vision has grown over the years. By providing families with a childcare facility where their children is able to engage in lots of fun activities and also receive an excellent education, and do so without taking the parents to the poor house, she could create something special. Obviously, she has been very successful in her efforts. Little Beautiful Minds Primary Academy is now among the finest childcare facilities in the area, maybe even the state.

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